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About Sask Central

About Us

Sask Central Victim Services helps victims of crime and traumatic events throughout the Sask Central Region. This includes 11 RCMP Detachments and 4 Rural Municipal Police Services.

With one Coordinator, one Administrative Assistant, two Assistant Coordinators and a team of Volunteer Support Workers, we serve a vast area of Saskatchewan.

Our Board is a group of three RCMP members and community members from our service area.

How Can Victim Services Help?


Initial trauma crisis support


Listening in a confidential, supportive and non-judgmental way


Court support


Helping complete Victim Impact Statements


Helping Apply for Victims Compensation forms (when applicable)


Providing information on the Justice system for those involved in a court matter

Providing Court Updates


Providing court preparation and orientation before a Trial or Preliminary Hearing

Information on Restitution, Compensation and other specialized Victim Services programs

Providing available resource information and materials


Determine client needs for referrals to a variety of community agencies such as Mental Health, support groups, etc.

Referrals to other Victim Services agencies when individuals relocate

Referrals to specialized Victim Service Programs when needed


Assist the client in identifying their needs and working with the community to have those needs met

Advocate on behalf of the client with the Police, Crown Prosecutions, and other agencies

Identifying gaps in services and assessing if and how those gaps can be addressed

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