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About Sask Central

About Us

Sask Central Victim Services helps victims of crime and traumatic events throughout the Sask Central Region. This includes 11 RCMP Detachments and 4 Rural Municipal Police Services.

With one Coordinator, one Administrative Assistant, two Assistant Coordinators and a team of Volunteer Support Workers, we serve a vast area of Saskatchewan.

Our Board is a group of three RCMP members and community members from our service area.

How Can Victim Services Help?


  • Initial trauma crisis support

  • Active listening

  • Court support

  • Helping Victims complete Victim Impact Statements and Victims Compensation forms (when applicable)


  • Providing information on the Justice system for those involved in a court matter

  • Court updates, prep and court orientation

  • Information on restitution and compensation

  • We pass along available resource information and materials


  • We assist individuals to self-refer to any 3rd party agency or community resource that may help them

    • Mental health and Addictions​

    • Crisis Centre, hotlines, shelters, etc.

    • Counselling

    • Family Services


  • We help give the victim a voice when they feel theirs is not being heard

  • For services when unavailable or if a process is taking too long, we act as a voice alongside our clients

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