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Victims Compensation

It can provide you with payment for reasonable expenses resulting from a violent crime.*

While compensation may not address all of the concerns a victim may have, it may help recover some of the expenses related to the crime.

Property crimes are not covered by Victims Compensation.

*Eligible offences as identified in the Victims of Crime Regulations, 1997

Victim Impact Statements

Victim Impact Statements are your opportunity to tell the courts how a crime has affected you emotionally, physically and financially.

These forms are available at your local RCMP detachment or you can contact us and we can mail or email you one as well.

We will assist you in filling these forms out.

Court Support & Victim Witness

Victim Services will help you navigate the court system which can be overwhelming and confusing for you and your loved ones.

Victim Witness Services provides children and vulnerable persons with court support and orientation.


We work with two Victim Witness programs in our area, North Battleford and Saskatoon

Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada to  introduce legislation that allows police to release information about someone's violent/abusive past to intimate partners who may be at risk!


Sask 211

Courts of Saskatchewan

Clare's Law

Public Legal Education Association

The Public Legal Education Association (PLEA) is a non-profit, non-government organization that educates and informs the people of Saskatchewan about the law and the legal system!

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